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    The MHC Technical Meeting was held in Rome

    Yesterday and today, 10-11 May 2014, in the “Salone d’Onore” of the Italian Olympic Committee in Rome\ITA, was held the MHC Technical Meeting of the Mediterranean Handball Confederation. There were two intense and valuable days of work, which were attended by the delegations of ALGERIA, CROATIA, CYPRUS, FRANCE, GREECE, LIBYA, ISRAEL, ITALY, MONTENEGRO, PORTUGAL, SLOVENIA, SERBIA, SPAIN, TUNISIA […]

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10th Women’s Mediterranean Handball Championship will take place in Tunisia

The Mediterranean Handball Confederation awarded the organization of the 10th Women’s Mediterranean Handball Championship to the Handball Federation of Tunisia. The 10th Women’s Mediterranean Handball Championship will be held from the 4th to the 11th of January 2015. The participation at the Championship is reserved to the young athletes born in 1998 onwards. JOIN IN EVERYBODY!

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Calendar of the MHC Championships until 2017

The most important decisions of the MHC Technical Meeting in Rome/ITA: Calendar of upcoming Mediterranean Handball Championships, until 2017 2015 | 10th Women’s MHC Championship 4-11 January – organizing federation: Tunisia (players born 1998 and later) 2015 | 12th Men’s MHC Championship 15-22 February - candidate to host: Cyprus and Greece (players born 1998 and later) 2016 | 11th Women’s […]

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The MHC President announces: 15 member Federations attended the Technical Meeting

The President of the Mediterranean Handball Confederation, Francesco Purromuto, announces that the MHC Technical Meeting was held in Rome/ITA, in the “Salone d’Onore” of the Italian Olympic Committee, in 10-11 May 2014. The meeting was attended by delegations from 15 National Federations: Algeria (Allioui Tahar, Kheraifia Habib) Croatia (Sandi Sola) Cyprus (represented by Nikos Papadopoulos) France (Joel Delplanque, Alain Koubi e Pascal Person) […]

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The MHC President announces the MHC Member Federations attended the Technical Meeting

The MHC President, Francesco Purromuto, announces that have communicated their presence at the Technical Meeting the following Federations of the MHC Member Countries: Algeria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Libya, Israel, Italy, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey. The MHC Technical Meeting to be held in Rome\ITA from 10th to 11th May 2014.

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