Principal Objectives of the Mediterranean Handball Confederation

The MHC’s purposes is to strengthen mutual understanding and fellowship throughout its official member countries through sport activities, the promotion and enhancement of Handball, Beach Handball and all other related activities. And the mutual technical assistance within a framework of genuine cooperation.

Together with other Sports Association of the Mediterranean basin, the MHC commits itself to make the Mediterranean Sea as a “lake of peace”.

In order to promote the Handball movement throughout the Mediterranean basin, MHC must work in close cooperation with the International Handball Federation (IHF), the Continental Handball Federations and the International Mediterranean Games Committee (IMGC).

The MHC draws inspiration from the Fundamental Principles of the Olympic Charter and from those of the IMGC and puts forward proposals to ensure the best possible organization and performance of the Mediterranean Games as far as Handball discipline is concerned. Furthermore, the MHC is committed to search for any possible cooperation and understanding with other sports’ Federations belonging to the Mediterranean Confederation in order to achieve the highest knowledge and development of Sports in the Mediterranean basin.